Seven precautions when purchasing a used condominium in the United States

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Seven precautions when purchasing a used condominium in the United States
Please refer to it to purchase a used condominium in Japan as there are many common points.

1)Let's grasp a renovation rule.
☞Let's confirm whether a renovation to hope for is realized before a contract. Because there is the structure wall not to be able to remove inside and so on.
2)Let's confirm parking lot size.
☞The parking lot size of condominium of the 1980s 1990s is compact, but the size of the present car upsizes.
3)Let's confirm an owner exclusive possession rate.
☞As there are the expense burdens based on the exclusive possession rate of the community hall, let's confirm an owner burden ratio and a tenant burden ratio.
4)Let's be careful about the expense burdens of the building special repair costs by unexpected natural disasters.
5)Let's confirm the management terms about the pet.
6)Instructions about the Federal Housing Administration, ex-serviceman station loan.
☞There is the case which is not approved by a seller.
7)Let's confirm condominium cost.
☞About monthly cost which greatly varies according to condominium, let's grasp all running cost up to a fuel and light expenses and the internet expense.

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